What is this?

Hello visitors, and welcome to this brand new section of Pulse online. I, your online editor-in-chief, and I'm sure the entire community, was shocked and saddened by the death of an armed 15-year-old boy from Torrey Pines who was shot by police in 2017, and, more recently, a Corona del Mar student's suicide. While we are all aware of the sometimes-crippling pressure students become subject to, whether from school, peers, or themselves, we don't often find widespread ways to address this problem.

At CCA, we have wonderful counselors, PALs, and teachers that all care immensely about the student body, but for those of you who simultaneously want to remain anonymous and want your voice to be heard, The Conversation is an anonymous platform for users to express their ideas and concerns.

Some suggested topics (though of course I'm open to suggestions):

  • Moral bucket list
  • Purpose in life (or as close as high schoolers can get)
  • Who's your hero?
  • Eulogies
  • A safe place to vent
  • Poetry

All submissions will be screened by yours truly for content, but every writer's identity is unseen by me and anyone else. If there's anything you have to say, let Pulse know and the world might hear it.

Use the form under "Contribute" to submit your writing, and contact me with any questions!